Training & Education

EIE believe that it’s essential to assist younger and future generations with education and training, we are therefore committed to apprenticeships and in the case of our new and innovative technologies, also in the creation of the necessary apprenticeships that will include cutting edge and future based study in alignment with our product and its future design and maintenance servicing needs.

Future Solution

It is expected that given EIE’s solution to the current and future Global energy demands and needs that our units will be in high demand, these units will of course need regular and accredited maintenance as all other current systems do.

The difference EIE offers is in the use of advanced materials, concepts and systems, so a new skill set will be needed to fully understand and appreciate the systems and how to optimally tune them for a user’s specific needs.

EIE System Features

Unlike current conventional systems however, EIE units are completed risk free in terms of service and maintenance, with no electrically live or explosive natural gases to navigate in the service state, meaning the only registrations necessary are that of EIE trained and competent service men and women.

Watch this space...

This page will be updated to take applications for training on our apprenticeships directed via our approved training providers as the unit roll out begins.