The Future of Sustainable
Free Energy

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At EIE we are currently developing our untethered power generator meaning that being connected to the power networks are a thing of the past, allowing you to generate all the electricity you will ever need in your home, work place or vehicle with zero costs to your pocket and the environment.
Using our revolutionary electromagnetic motion power unit, you will be truly saving thousands and saving the planet.
The ability to join our company on this planet saving journey is now available.
If you missed out on the dot com boom, bitcoin journey and the countless other company share offerings of the big players, then this is the ground floor opportunity for you to join the massive predictive growth now.



Driven By Innovation



Elemental Independent Energy Ltd, a research and development company, is presently developing a revolutionary energy appliance, the iDES, which, when fitted into your home will supply FREE energy for life, giving you freedom and independence from the National Grid.

Furthermore, it is our belief that this innovative technology will also play a major role in reducing global fuel poverty and improving climate change in the future.

Sustainable, Accessible Green Energy for the World to Reduce Global Emissions

Imagine a World where energy costs nothing…

Imagine a World where energy is carbon neutral…

Imagine a World where energy is able to be offered compassionately…

Imagine a World where future generations are educated to reverse climate change…

about us

Elemental Independent Energy

Elemental Independent Energy ltd (EIE), a research and development company, was founded in May 2021 with the sole purpose of achieving our ethos as laid out above, by developing an alternative method of producing energy for the domestic and commercial markets.

One which doesn’t impact the Earth or any of its peoples negatively, but rather offers hope and a clearer path towards tomorrow, incorporating educating and education for the new, next, and future generations in the technologies of a post-fossil, fracked, nuclear, chemical or polluting technology based World. 

Climate change is upon us and the issues surrounding it represent a real and present danger to us all. To help solve these issues, new innovative solutions will be ever more required in order that we can secure a more sustainable future.

why eie is needed now

With the UK Governments’ announcement in 2019 banning the installation of all gas boilers in new domestic buildings by 2025, coupled with their need to improve the eco standard of housing across the UK, and hit climate targets by 2030, this has only increased the need for creative design and innovative energy solution.

The Future is Off-Grid

It is with this in mind that EIE have chosen to embrace the new era, understanding the need for reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and in turn tackling the current day problems head on.


Embrace the
New Green Age

This exciting project has attracted influential academic backing, and a team is in place to move the project forward. EIE have a solution in development, which will help tackle many of the energy demands of the UK and indeed the Globe. It’s time to act and secure all our futures!