It is evident that the world is facing a climate catastrophe and, unchecked; will only deteriorate further. Global, adverse weather events, flooding, drought, and wild fires traverse the planet on an almost daily basis threatening our very existence. Governments and big business are attempting to change the way we live our lives in a race to save our future.


The industrial and consumer landscape is changing rapidly as our reliance on fossil fuels is sought to be significantly reduced with new alternative technologies being introduced in the form of wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars, etc. But challenges remain and much more still needs to be achieved if we are to hit the globally agreed climate targets. 

Trillions of Dollars have been pledged to further research and development and the conversion of existing methods of creating energy, in an attempt to achieve these goals.

Here at Elemental Independent Energy Ltd, we have joined the fight. Our innovative technologies will change the face of energy supply to the domestic and commercial markets and beyond. We feel that our team can play a pivotal role in the coming months and years and help to enhance the progress and ongoing changes already made. 

EIE’s team of experts, with a combined 150 years of experience, are continuing to work towards that brighter, and more energy secure future for us all, by applying our own innovative technologies to the green revolution and tackling the energy crisis head on.

To achieve the above EIE is offering a unique ground floor opportunity to investors to be a part of this green revolution, a part of the solution, and in turn, help to save our planet for future generations.

Our Vision

It is now time to invest in our future…

Invest in the World’s future and ultimately…

…Invest in your future!

With regards investment and moving forward, EIE is entering an exciting period of its technological journey, pursuing various fundraising possibilities involving institutional and private investment.

Securing funding will allow the company to push forward with the development of its off grid, innovative, green technology.

We will share social funding links soon. However, if you are a private investor, looking to invest in the future of our planet,  please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Follow our progress on our website news page and social media channels as we release updates and progress reports.