Current Projects

EIE is able to apply our innovative technologies to a number of applications, as an R&D company focused upon a more sustainable future, we strive to both improve existing technologies and develop our own innovations.


It is also for example possible to transfer the principles used within the iDES system into the following sectors:

With the flexibility of EIE’s iDES technology the sky is quite literally the limit!


Currently, we are focused on the global energy crisis and therefore have designed an alternative to grid-supplied domestic and commercial power supplies, with no need for an external energy supply, that will clearly benefit the planet.

As we move forward EIE will expand into all areas of current relevance for energy generation used in transportation of all kinds.

As we continue to strive towards a fully net-zero planet, EIE will continue to reduce wastage within all industries that we know can benefit from our unique technologies and expertise.

The iDes

The iDES (Independent Domestic Energy Supply) system, offers an alternative to grid-supplied domestic and commercial power supplies, a fully off-grid solution.

EIE units are optimised for low consumption, high-yield output, while enabling a high percentage use of recycled materials in production. EIE units require no external power sources and therefore operate completely off-grid.


The first phase of R&D for the iDES unit (Independent Domestic Energy Supply) is focused upon a full power system, however EIE have a number phased versions in development as detailed below;

Gen 1
Home Version

Full power version, no variability; operating at full output. This is therefore a money earner for owners as it opens up “sell back to grid” opportunities under current UK “sell back” policies, with similar schemes being available in other territories around the World.

Gen 2
Intelligent Home Version

Development to variable energy version, enabling the unit to monitor electrical consumption and generate only what is needed, expecting that “sell back” will be withdrawn in time.

Gen 3
Going Global

Moving to international production – Sales network / Showrooms / Legislation compliance around global territories / Work force training / apprentices and apprenticeships

Gen 4
Vehicle Propulsion

Focus on iVES (Independent Vehicle Energy Supply) application – applying EIE technologies to the automotive industry and further applications



Whether you’re installing to a new build or even a future build property or indeed converting an existing property with an electric and gas supply in place, conversion and installation is a straightforward process; it can be easily undertaken without the need for any major works, enabling an independent energy supply with EIE.

A Future with EIE, Projects under development:

In addition to EIE’s main project, the iDES, the revolutionary domestic energy appliance & associated spin out applications as detailed above. EIE is exploring and investing in various other ventures, exclusively but not limited to:

EIE Venture Capital: set up to fund new innovating projects in the UK & globally, backing young entrepreneurs with finance and offering experience in all fields. Exploring technology of the future, technology that will enhance all our lives. This will also provide opportunities for recent graduates to gain a foot hold in advanced technologies working alongside EIE’s well established development team as well as starting their own teams.
Battery storage technology: lithium-ION batteries are well understood, their capacities, potentials & usage well documented, along with unfortunately their drawbacks & controversies – EIE are looking at other electrical storage chemistries which offer far greater power density & sustainability values. EIE are therefore confident this exciting work will yield the next generation of battery storage solutions to be applied globally.
EIE are always striving for a greener & more sustainable tomorrow, but we don’t stop with the planet, EIE are also committed to those who inhabit our planet & their continued health; we therefore have several devices linked the health care sector in the area of advanced monitoring & preventative care on the drawing board, which we are looking to bring to the market in the near term.